Ben Hill County looking to add technology to classrooms

Ben Hill County looking to add technology to classrooms

On the day before Thanksgiving break, Ben Hill County middle schoolers brought electronic devices to school, but they were using them to learn. Middle Schoolers solved algebra problems like another regular day in math, but Tuesday they're just a little more excited, as they used phones to help them find answers.

"We're moving forward with the technology because that's the future," said Ben Hill County Superintendent Nancy Whidden.

Tuesday was a trial day for the system as the middle school allowed every student to bring phones, tablets, or laptops to school.

"That is a piece of engagement that you can't buy. Because they are so engaged with technology that whether it's a cell phone, tablet or laptop, that just enhances the curriculum," said Ben Hill County Middle School Principal Dawn Clements.

And the results?

"We've been very pleased with how our students are behaving and how they're engaged the classroom," said Clements.

The engagement is the number one reason for the move to technology.

"That's when you see student achievement going up. Lessons being retained more and just general excitement levels and just better results in the classroom," said Service Technology Director Matt Smith.

It also prepares students for life outside of school.

"If we don't teach students 21st century skills, they're not going to know what to do when they're outside of these walls," said Clements.

Superintendent Whidden hopes technology becomes a more common sight in Ben Hill county classrooms, and Tuesday was the beginning of that process.

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