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Tree nearly destroys Nashville family's home

The tree has been removed and cut into pieces, stacked in a pile near the home The tree has been removed and cut into pieces, stacked in a pile near the home
Joe Robinson, Sr. Joe Robinson, Sr.

The house at 6750 Highway 125 North in Nashville is over 100  years old and has been in the Robinson family since the early 1900's, but Sunday night it was nearly destroyed when a tree in the front yard came crashing through as Joe Robinson, his four children, and his wife Jessica were watching TV.

"[Joe] saw that rain was comin' parallel to the ground, so he told his family they needed to get to a safer place in the house," explained Joe's father, Joe Robinson, Sr.

And not a moment to soon.

"As they stood up," said Joe's father, "the tree fell and the ceiling, a couple of boards from the ceiling, fell and knocked 'em down." Joe's father lives nearby and came rushing over to help. He took Joe's pregnant wife Jessica and Joe's oldest son Eric to the hospital to make sure they were alright.

"We was prayin' that there wasn't anything wrong. She was a little bit hysterical," said Joe Robinson, Sr.

Thankfully, both were not injured and were doing just fine Tuesday. Joe and Jessica went to visit relatives in Tallahassee after the incident, trying to get away from the damage and relax, especially Jessica, who is set to give birth to twins any day.

"We crawled up the tree and cut the limbs off, removed one limb at a time off to keep it from fallin' down," said Joe's father as he pointed to the damaged house and explained what was done to remove the tree after it fell. 

A large pile of tree limbs and cut up pieces of the tree's trunk stacked at the far edge of the property were all that remained of the tree Tuesday. Family and neighbors spent most of Monday working to remove it from the home. 

While the biggest part of the tree is now out of the way, there's still a lot of work to be done. "We gonna wait until it dries a little bit and get in there and finish getting clothes and stuff out," Joe's father said.

He said losing the house and all of the memories that he has of it is like losing a family member, but he was just thankful that none of the actual family members that were inside at the time were lost.

Joe's father said the family is accepting any donations of items for the twins. If you would like to help the family, you can contact (229) 520-8601.

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