Mother's care packages sent to thousands of soldiers

Mother's care packages sent to thousands of soldiers
Evan Garlick
Evan Garlick
Patricia Garlick
Patricia Garlick

PELHAM, GA (WALB) - A mother's care packages sent to her son while he was deployed in Iraq have turned into a larger mission.

She now sends thousands of care packages every year to men and women serving our country.

The Garlick family spends the holiday season in Pelham preparing Pride Packages for men and women deployed overseas.

Patricia Garlick sent packages like this to her son Evan when he was in the Marines in 2006.

One day Evan told his mother that one of his friends never received mail from home.

Patricia said, “It really made me feel bad because if his buddy wasn't getting packages, how many other soldiers weren't getting anything from back home.”

Patricia wrote an article in her hometown newspaper in Shelbyville, Illinois, and before she knew it, people from all over the community were sending in donations to create packages for soldiers.

Packages filled with food, clothing, and love.

Patricia said, “When you're lonely, you're away from home and your family. Just to have someone say that they're thinking of you, and how much they appreciate you, and how much they're proud of you.”

Patricia passed down that sort of selflessness to Evan.

He was injured in a roadside bombing, but refused medical attention so that a fellow Marine could be taken care of. Evan said, “We always had that mindset as Marines.  You always took care of your brothers.  As long as you got them home, that's all that matters.”

Evan said he was raised to put others first, and he knows his mother won't stop until every soldier returns home.

He said, “As long as there's war and men and women serving our country, I believe she'll always be sending packages out.”

If you'd like to donate to Pride Packages you can visit

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