Firefighters issue warning after men burned siphoning gas

Firefighters issue warning after men burned siphoning gas
Rubin Jordan, AFD
Rubin Jordan, AFD

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two men are recovering from burns they sustained after attempting to siphon gas from a vehicle. And firefighters say that is a dangerous practice.

Dougherty County police confirm the two men sent to the hospital with burns Monday afternoon are 67-year-old John Young and 28-year-old Kumoski Grimes.

The two were injured from a fire and possible explosion while trying to siphon gas from a vehicle on Holly Drive. Young was treated for minor burns to his arm and leg. Grimes was treated for facial burns. They were both released from the hospital.

Albany fire officials believe the men were trying to siphon the gas using an old, outdated method. Though they say it's a practice that's used too often. They advise finding other ways to retrieve the gasoline.

"There's equipment that's sold, like at Advanced Auto places, that will do the siphoning for you. That was a kind of old school shade tree way that's not recommended anymore today," said Albany Asst. Fire Chief Rubin Jordan.

Fire officials say not only is it a danger to your health if swallowed, the gas can be easily sparked and cause a dangerous fire like this one.

"You not going to get all of the gas out and then possibly spill some out on the ground," said Jordan. "Well, gas vaporizes and when it vaporizes, all it has to do is bend between the lean, the two rich and the two lean. When it's in between that, it will explode."

The vehicle was left unrecognizable from the blaze and a mobile home nearby was also damaged. Albany firefighters say there was about $5,000 in damage.

Firefighters are still unsure what sparked the fire. The incident remains under investigation.

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