Lee Co. has to fix roads after 'boggers'

Lee Co. has to fix roads after 'boggers'

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Heavy recent rains, almost five inches worth in three days, have brought on an unexpected problem in Lee County.

Public Works crews are working to repair dirt roads after drivers have been 'mud bogging.' and tearing up Murphy Road and Armena Road.

Officials say these repairs are costly for taxpayers and it's dangerous for drivers.

"It seems like when the rain comes that's when you see the four wheel drive vehicles out here. And I get it, everyone wants to have a good time, but it destroys a lot of property and endangers a lot of lives by doing this," said Mike Sistrunk. "It's several hundreds of dollars, or probably even thousands of dollars that's involved in this, because of the manpower as well as the materials and the equipment used."

"The other issue to look at is when you have an emergency vehicle, a fire truck or an ambulance that needs to get to a home back here and they tear the roads up where they make them impassible, it could be somebody's life or somebody's home, it's not worth tearing up a dirt road for that," said Sistrunk

While crews are able to make repairs now, they're asking folks to be on alert as the Thanksgiving weekend approaches.

They'll only respond Thursday and Friday if it's an emergency.

Officials ask that if you see someone purposely tearing up the road, take down their tag number and call the Lee County Sheriff's Office. 

They could face a fine for damaging county property.

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