Local reaction to the grand jury's decisions on Ferguson cop

Local reaction to the grand jury's decisions on Ferguson cop

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Student leaders at Albany State University watched tonight's announcement.

I talked with members of Albany State University Student Government Association. They say the grand jury decision doesn't sit well with them.

Student Government Association members waited and watched all day for the grand jury's decision on officer Darren Wilson.

"It's a lot, everything is hitting you at one time. I'm trying to hear the verdict and stay calm at the same time," said Shanita Flounory.

Late Monday night, the announcement came that the grand jury did not indict Wilson. He shot and killed Michael Brown August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri.

"I feel like Michael Brown should not have been killed. My first question is why the first thing he reached for is he gun," said Gernisha Parnell

SGA president Gernisha Parnell said she anticipated the decision with lots of anxiety.

"it's happening too much. It's becoming a trend and it's not okay," said Parnell.

SGA members said regardless of the outcome they want everyone to remain calm and in control.

"I know people are mad and upset and riots and protest can only last for so long but I think it time for America to hear how hurt people are behind this," continued Parnell.

Sources have said Officer Wilson will now resign.

"I think he should get fired or on some kind of restrictions because its other methods, you were taught, you went through training," said Shanita Flounory.

Students said they will be in contact with Student Government leaders at nearby universities to decide whether to organize any demonstrations.

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