GA bond agents react to raid gone bad

GA bond agents react to raid gone bad
Marvin Webb
Marvin Webb

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Two bail bondsmen face charges in Gwinnett County after police say they held a family hostage. After the bounty hunters knock down the door, their guns are drawn, they're even threatening the little kids in the house.

South Georgia Recovery Agent Marvin Webb says everything about that raid was wrong. "They need to be in jail."

Webb can't believe what he's seeing as bounty hunters enter this Gwinnett County home with guns drawn.

"People watch too much TV and watch 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and think it's all glorious and that you can just bust in and do whatever you want and it's just not like that," said Bail Recovery Agent Marvin Webb.

Their first mistake is coming in with guns drawn. "Never ever unless you're being fired at do you want to use it. Other than that you don't point your gun at nobody," said Webb.

And then arresting the woman because her husband is gone is the second mistake they make. "You can't just come in and put your hands on nobody. You can't touch nobody," said Webb.

These bounty hunters could face lengthy jail time and Webb agrees with that punishment. "You just can't bust in on somebody's home and enter, pull guns, and kidnap somebody," said Webb.

Luckily, neither Hayes nor any of the seven children was injured in the raid. Webb says it could have ended much worse.

Webb says the best way to get cooperation is to treat the people with respect. He says most people just forget to show up for court, and aren't on the run.

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