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Pouring that Thanksgiving grease down the drain could cost you

Neal Bennett Neal Bennett

Pouring leftover grease down the drain could cost you thousands of dollars.

Neal Bennett, owner of NDB Septic Service in Nashville, said he receives more calls about clogged septic tanks around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving when people cook more.

He said the grease gets into the septic tank and eventually clogs up the drain, causing part of the drain to have to be replaced.

"It'll work it's way right out into the drain fill and stop it up," said Bennett. "When the drain fill gets stopped up, you gonna have to call somebody to come in there and put a new drain fill in and it costs several thousand dollars to fix the problem."

Bennett said there are some things to look for that could indicate you may have a clog. "If you see your toilet gurglin'' when you flush or if your drains get slow to drain down, most likely you've got a blockage somewhere," said Bennett.

The best thing to do with unwanted grease is to pour it into some type of container and take it to a landfill and dispose of it properly. If you believe you have a clog, call your local plumber immediately.

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