Americus K9 police officer charged with felony cruelty to animals

Americus K9 police officer charged with felony cruelty to animals

An Americus police officer faces felony animal cruelty charges for shooting his neighbor's dog. Joseph Wynn is still upset after losing his dog, CJ, last week. The officer who shot Wynn's dog works with a dog every day.

For Wynn, dogs have always been a part of his life.

"Well you know, had a love for dogs ever since I was a kid," said Wynn.

So when he lost one of his best friends last week, it was tough.

"To lose any kind of pet especially a four legged friend not just hunt with, he wasn't just a hunting dog. He was a family pet," said Wynn.

To make matters worse, his neighbor, a K-9 officer with the Americus Police Department, is the one who shot the American pit bull.

"He run across into the neighbors property over there and he took it upon himself to shoot him for no good reason at all," said Wynn.

William Lamb is now charged with felony cruelty to animals and turned himself in earlier this week. According to the police report, Lamb shot the dog once, before walking over and shooting him again as the dog whined in these woods between the two houses.

"This is the first and only time that he's ever left the yard here and this is what happens," said Wynn

Sumter County deputies responded to the call after Wynn's fiance heard gunshots and then couldn't find their dog.

"Anytime you arrest one of your own in public safety it does make it difficult but at the same time we also understand or should understand that we are all held to that same standard of abiding by the law," said Sumter County Chief Deputy Colonel Eric Bryant.

Lamb admitted to deputies that the dog wasn't barking, growling, or acting aggressively when he shot the dog with his deer rifle; he just didn't want the dog to fight his police dog.

"I'm satisfied with something being done. Maybe they'll follow through it," said Wynn.

Lamb is free on bond. He was on family medical Leave. Major Herman Lamar says when Lamb returns from that. He'll be placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.