Cold weather strains electrical systems

Cold weather strains electrical systems

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Firefighters urge people who live in older homes to check their electrical systems, which can become fire hazards during extremely cold temperatures.

Albany Firefighters responded to two calls involving electrical system overloads or shorts Friday. The first was at 2:45 on Graystone Lane where wires overheated in the wall of the utility room.

About 5:40 an electrical socket in a home in the two thousand block of Gary Avenue was sparking.

Fire officials say strained systems running heaters non-stop could have overloaded.

"Amount of electricity people want, trying to pull through your house in order to keep warm. People need to pay attention to how much they pull through an electrical socket," said Assistant Fire Chief Rubin Jordan.

Firefighters urge you not to plug too many appliances into one wall socket, or to run space heaters continuously without allowing time to cool.

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