Stock car crash caught on camera

Stock car crash caught on camera
Dan Broome, track director
Dan Broome, track director

NORMAN PARK, GA (WALB) - This video shows the crash that happened Sunday.

Several laps into the race a car goes sideways and hits the wall. That ignited a fire.

63 seconds later driver, Tristan Sealy, was helped out of his race car, luckily with only minor injuries.

His father Charles Sealy told me they had to pull him out on the opposite side of the car because the flames were too intense on the driver side. An ambulance arrived 32 seconds later.

The state insurance commissioner's office won't tell us why the fire marshal is investigating, but track director Dan Broome says his track is prepared for a violent wreck like this.

"We had a plan in place, and the plan worked. The man is alive he didn't get hurt, nobody got hurt, we moved everything out of the way and we had fire extinguishers," said Broome.

Broome stated that wrecks of this severity don't happen every day and each situation is different.

"This is something that we expect every week and every race, you know, but hope never happens," said Broome.

The next scheduled race is the Road to Daytona on February 8th.

MORE: Watch the raw video from this story. The accident occurs 6:47 into the video.

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