Are you participating in 'Black Friday'?

Are you participating in 'Black Friday'?
The James family
The James family

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Christmas is quickly approaching, and holiday shopping will soon be in full swing across the country, starting next week.

We went to Target to ask about how they're preparing for Black Friday.

This time of year, the lines behind the cash register at Target grow. But next week you can expect those lines to get even longer.

Shopping season is about to kick into full gear. Last year's Black Friday sales actually started the night before at nine pm on Thanksgiving at Albany's Target. This year they're opening even earlier at six. They're expecting people to start lining up early afternoon.

"The line continued to grow as we got closer to 9. This year I expect the line to start starting probably around 2:00 or 3:00 pm," said Andrew Petersen, Target Assistant Manager.

Stores have been preparing by doing more than just stocking the shelves. They're making sure procedures are in place for safety.

"We have crowd control plans in place. We have team members stationed at all the high demand merchandise, to make sure someone is there to assist them," said Petersen.

Not everyone will be waiting outside in the cold for the big sales next Friday.

The James family says they started their holiday shopping early, but they've still got a lot to buy. They'll be looking for as many sales as they can, outside of the Black Friday frenzy.

"I started back in the summer just to pick up a few little things, but now, game on!" said the James family.

If you do want in on the deals next week, both shoppers and retailers say it's a good idea to get there early, make list, budgets and have a plan.

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