Students recount chaotic scene during FSU shooting

Students recount chaotic scene during FSU shooting

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WALB) - Police say journals reveal the man who fired at students on the campus of Florida State University believed the government was targeting him.

According to a report, May parked a couple blocks from campus before walking to the main library and opening fire.

"It's a little surreal. You hear about it all the time on the news and you think that's terrible, it could never happen to me," said FSU sophomore Ryan Hennessy, who was in the library when the shooting happened.

"I heard gun, like 5 gunshots go off then I turned and a siren went off and like two minutes later I saw a girl sprinting down our hallway and so that's when I knew something was up."

What he did next, along with hundreds others, could have saved his life.

"So I got up. I ran towards the fire escape. Ran down it, went into the parking lot, heard more gun shots and that's when I just sprinted like up that road over there and eventually made it over to Tomahawks," he said.

Students gathered together, paying respect and saying prayers, thankful the only person killed was the one who came to do the killing.

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