Dogs are vital in law enforcement

Dogs are vital in law enforcement

PERRY, GA (WALB) - Law enforcers from across the country have been in Houston County this week, making sure they and their canines are up to date on the latest training. Deputies say seminars like this keep them, their dogs and their communities safe.

Kyro and his handler are one of nearly 70 teams training to fight crime. From obedience, to apprehension, tracking drugs, and tracking explosives.

"K9s, I don't see how we could do our jobs without them to be honest with you," said Lt. Darby Colvin of the Dooly County Sheriff's Office.

These teams require special training. "The instructor can see exactly, if you need help with your dog, exactly what points that you need help with. They're just very helpful when you come to it to make sure that you are on point," said Baker County Sheriff's Office Deputy Tyrone Burns.

For the fifth year in a row, the Dooly and Houston County Sheriff's Offices teamed up to host a week-long seminar that brings in law enforcers from all over.

"Pretty much what we do is we just try to assist all agencies. Like this year we've got them from Grand Prairie, Texas, all the way to Alaska and Florida," Colvin said.

The handler works with their dog to track certain odors. And when the dog finds it, they get their toy.

While K9s are a crucial part of fighting crime, handlers say it's important to have the latest training for them, and their four-legged partners.

"It's very important that they're trained properly because the liability rests in us and the dogs. So if they're not up to date with their training and all it can go against everything that credits us," Colvin said.

It's taken some deputies time to get use to working with dogs, but now they say, they wouldn't want it any other way.

"it was scary at first, but then once I got to work with the dog it was interesting and I fell in love with him. I love being with dogs now, it's the best thing ever you know?" said Baker County Deputy Tyrone Burns.

The week long seminar is held at the Perry fairgrounds this time every year. It wraps up tomorrow.

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