Speaker Boener derides Obama's unilateral action on immigration

Speaker Boener derides Obama's unilateral action on immigration

House Speaker John Boehner delivered a statement from the Capitol Speaker's balcony hallway, addressing President Obama's Thursday night speech announcing unilateral action on immigration.

Boehner said that leaders need to work through the democratic process, and that he warned Obama against  unilateral action on immigration, He said there can be no trust between the president and congress if the president has shown that he can't be trusted.

Boehner said that the president has refused to listen, and he has taken the actions of a king on immigration, while the nation wants action on the economy.

He said Obama's action last night will encourage more illegal immigrants, while punishing law-abiding immigrants. He said that last summer was bad, and next summer he expects to be worse.

Boehner said that Obama has sabotaged bipartisanship, and damaged the office of the president itself, because he has turned a deaf ear to the will of the people.

When asked by a reporter about working with the president, Boehner said that Obama took 38 unilateral actions on Obamacare, creating an untrusting environment.

He said the House is working to see their options, and will act in a democratic way.

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