Staying safe and warm during cold weather

Staying safe and warm during cold weather

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Winter is not officially here yet, but were already blasting the heaters and lightning the fireplaces, but you still need to get those checked by a licensed professional.

It's another night of freezing weather, and south Georgians are using heaters and fireplaces to warm their homes. But professionals want you to do so safely.

"This is November, we got three months of winter left. Especially if you got gas heat or furnace you need to get that checked," said Clint Newsome,VP of Albany Air.

Albany Air Conditioning and Heating technicians were busy servicing customers all day after a record low of 19 degrees this morning.

"We had a lot of calls yesterday wanting us to make sure their system was operating correctly. That the heat was working right," said Newsome.

And the calls picked up early Wednesday morning with heating problems.

"no heat, the unit was iced up, I turned the heat on it not working, the thermostat is blank,"

Alfred Greenlee, Owner of Green Oak Farm, says calls are starting to pick up with people wanting firewood.

"We probably had a dozen deliveries because people making that preparation that realize that oakwood is the best for heating in South Georgia," said Alfred Greenlee.

Greenlee says oak is also a safe wood.

"If it's seasoned, it doesn't put oil in the chimney's and also it burns real good cause it dried out," said Greenlee.

Fire officials say they can't stress enough why you should get your heaters and fireplaces checked with more cold temps to come.

"I know with the economy, people kind of put it off year after year and what happens the dust and the sediment
gets in and it builds up," said Thomas Whittington. Worth County Fire Department.

Anyway you heat your home; heating safety should be first priority.

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