Georgia man jogs nation to raise Alzheimer's awareness

Georgia man jogs nation to raise Alzheimer's awareness

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Georgia man has begun a long journey to jog across the nation for a worthy cause.

3,660 miles. That's how far Jack Fussell, born in Douglas, is jogging and biking his way across the country to fulfill what he says is a calling. A calling influenced by his family, who have lived with the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease.

"I've never done anything with as much purpose in my life as I feel like what I'm doing now, that it's really doing something," said Fussell.

Several member's of Jack's family died with Alzheimer's, including his father. Now, he's made it his mission to raise awareness.

"He has just been an inspiration to me, to my family, and to everyone that he meets. I'm just truly thankful that he is so compelled to continue his journey," said Buffy Hankinson, Regional Program and Services Director for Southwest Georgia Alzheimer's.

Fussell began his journey 2 weeks ago at Tybee Island, sporting a bright green shirt with a simple message until he gets to Monterey, California. He say's along the way he's already heard stories from many caregivers. He's hoping to hear a thousand more.

"Not being able to put yourself in that person's world and thinking they should still be in your's " said Fussell.

This is Jack's second journey. He faced the long road and weather elements in 2013.

"I get tired. I get down sometimes. I've noticed all it takes is for somebody to pull up beside the road, roll their window down, and say, you know, keep going or don't give up," said Jack Fussell.

Jack expects his trip to last 10 months to a year. He says if you see him, say hello, and find out how you can help fight the disease. He's handing out bracelets with Alzheimer's Association information.

For more information on his journey, visit his website HERE.

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