Emergency crews respond to Albany house fire

Emergency crews respond to Albany house fire

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A fire caused major damage to part of an Albany duplex today, but it could have been much worse if residents and neighbors hadn't called 911 so quickly

Firefighters ventilate a duplex on Flintside drive. Several neighbors were home when the fire started.

"I smelt something because everyone has the same heater so I was like I hope that's not my house smelling like that," said Mykiera Allen.

It wasn't her house though; instead it was Brion King's.

"I ironed he clothes then I pulled the plug out the wall and then the fire just hit the bed and then the bed caught on fire," said teen Brion King.

Arson Investigator Sam Harris examined the fire, but officials found King's claim to be true.

"An iron shorted in an outlet that caused the fire," said Assistant Fire Chief Rubin Jordan.

King says the flames spread quickly before overtaking the entire room.

"I was scared," said King.

It's an emotion echoing through the entire neighborhood.

"I'm not sure what happened but it's very scary because we stay next door to it," said Allen.

About 20 firefighters had the fire under control quickly before it could spread to the neighboring duplex.

"Not a total loss but they will have to go in and do some reconstruction to the property," said Jordan.

Jordan says that reconstruction could cost 10 thousand dollars. King and his family will stay with his aunt in the meantime.

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