Grain silo ruptures, blocks road

Grain silo ruptures, blocks road

CALHOUN CO., GA (WALB) - A corn silo ruptured, and spilled a huge amount of the crop in Calhoun County, near Morgan. The spill is caused a traffic problem on Highway 37.

Tractors clean up 90,000 bushels of corn at Robert McLendon Farms in Calhoun County. A grain bin filled with corn collapsed causing a domino effect at 9:00AM.

"That bin collapsed and when it collapsed it hit the other two 100,000 bushel bins and they will not be able to repair them it knocked them off the foundation," said owner Robert McLendon.

Two of the bins were empty. The collapse broke the power line knocking out power to the entire town of Morgan for an hour. It was later restored by Georgia Power. People in the area say the sound of the collapse startled them.

"I was coming to the backdoor to put some trash in the trash can, so I heard this loud boom. It was like a tree was falling," said Melvina Johnson.

McLendon says this corn facility is a total loss. "You can see the wet tank behind us and the dryer was destroyed also. We've had a lot of neighbors call and offer to help. Offer to bring equipment trucks and help us get it up, but we've got two front in loaders loading the corn."

Fire crews helped direct traffic and nearby farmers and their employees also helped sweep up the corn. McLendon says he's just glad no one was hurt.

"But the luck of the thing was nobody was hurt. If it had of collapsed when we were putting the corn in there somebody would've been killed," McLendon says.

McLendon says the two empty bins will have to be taken down and he expects to have everything cleaned up by Sunday.

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