Volunteers help Albanians prepare for record cold temperatures

Volunteers help Albanians prepare for record cold temperatures

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - "Let's see if we have a hat that fits," said Volunteer.

Volunteers hand out clothes to help keep people warm on a record cold night in south Georgia.

Hopefully, you have a warm place to sleep tonight because it is cold and getting colder.

The cold weather is here and people in the community are doing what they can to stay warm. Right now it's about 29 degrees, but it will likely drop to about 21 in Albany through Wednesday.

Members of First United Methodist Church are helping those in need on the coldest night so far this season.

"I said I'm going to gather blankets and gloves and they'll come to the Salvation Army to get their meal and here we are," Allison Curington.

Allison Curington was thinking ahead when she enlisted family and friends to help pass out winter attire to those here at the Salvation Army.

"I was thinking how cold it was going to be seeing the weather forecast and started praying asking Jesus what can I do to be the hands and feet of Christ tomorrow and in the coming days," said Curington.

The much needed help came in handy for those who may have to fight the temperatures expected to dip into the low 20s in the morning.

"I got a scarf, it's real nice what they are doing, I'm going to be real warm, real warm, getting ready for it,"

Right down the street, the Albany Rescue Mission is ready to take who ever needs a warm place to stay.

"It's been slim picking but we expect much more as the temperatures get much colder to increase," said Christopher Liberto, Executive Director.

But with a full house already, the rescue mission has a backup plan.

"We open our chapel doors and the chapel is normally open until 11 or so. If anybody is not already a resident here they are more than welcome to come and spend the night here," said Christopher Liberto, Executive Director.

Curington is just thankful to be able to bless others with what they need to stay warm.

"They just said thank you so much, it's going to be freezing tonight and in South Georgia were not used to this kind of weather this soon," said Curington. She says they also need more men clothes to give away for donations. You can contact the church for more information.

As of ten o'clock Tuesday night, the Salvation Army says they're loaded and have no more beds available. They've had to set up some people on the floor to accommodate everyone.

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