Albany gambling house equipment burned

Albany gambling house equipment burned

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Helen Morgan was arrested in a huge gambling and narcotics bust Saturday night in East Albany.

Police say her home was a center for illegal gambling and alcohol and drug sales.

Morgan was released from jail Monday night.

Known as Miss Helen by most folks, Morgan did not want to go on camera today.  But her son said she is not guilty of anything but being taken advantage of.

The fire in the back of Helen Morgan's home on East First Avenue was fueled by the tables and  seats from her yard.  Morgan's son, R.J.Sutton, is cleaning up after Saturday's raid.

Sutton said "This won't happen no more now.  That's the end of that.  There's no chairs for them to sit down. No tent for them to get under. Idon'tt want to see no more."

Cards are still scattered across the property.  Police say there were 60 people outside, and 20 more inside Miss Helen's home during Saturday's raid.  Sutton is not denying it was going on, but he says his mother was being taken advantage of.

Sutton said "Ladies in there, they talking about they loved Mama.  My Mama this.  They were in there selling cocaine."

Sutton said his mother has lived in this house at least 70 years, and is known for helping people.  He says gang members in the neighborhood took advantage of her, using her house for gambling and drug and alcohol sales without her understanding the true consequences.

Sutton said "If she could help you she would.  And I don't see why this young generation took advantage of it."

Sutton said Miss Helen is tired and embarrassed after spending two days in jail, and scared that she could be facing prison time if convicted.

Sutton said "You going on 91 years old and you don't  know what the outcome going to be.  Naturally she going to worry.  Naturally, that's human nature."

So her son cleans up and burns the gambling house, and warns that people need to stay away as she faces these criminal charges.Morgan was released on her own recognizance, but with special requirements.  Only 4 people are allowed in her house, and there are to be no activities on her property. Copyright 2014 WALB.  All rights reserved.