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Cordele police search for confident thief

Jeremy Taylor Jeremy Taylor
Shell store owner Gary Watson Shell store owner Gary Watson
A man robbed a Cordele gas station with no mask, while other customers were in the store, and police are trying to find out who he is.

The store owner says it is only the second robbery he's had in 43 years of business, but this armed robbery wasn't typical.

The man may look like any other customer, but minutes later he was behind the counter emptying out the register. "All he said was that he told him to open the drawer and stand to the side," said store owner Gary Watson.

The robber clearly has no mask and no sense of urgency. "He just walked out the door after he took all the money calmly and spoke to the man that was entering the store," said Watson.

Police also noticed how cool and collected he seems.

"There was no rush in him. He walked in, he was in the store about two minutes prior to the robbery," said Cordele Police Public Information officer Jeremy Taylor.

The man never looked at any of the 16 cameras as he walked around the store and even avoided looking at the huge TV when he walked in. Those are two things Watson thought would keep these crimes away.

"It's a good deterrent when they see the big 40" screen when they walk in, they automatically know they're on video." said Watson.

Out the door he walked, with almost $1,000, right past another customer. He hops in his car and gets on I-75 North as the clerk hits the alert button and calls 911.

"It could be that he cased out the joint and knew it or it could be that he's done this before somewhere else and it's just what he does," said Taylor.

Cordele Police are hoping another agency will recognize this man and his style and connect it to another robbery, but so far it remains an isolated incident.

Taylor says it does make their jobs much tougher when the robbers are mobile which is why he is hoping someone outside of Cordele will recognize that man.

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