Shelters are open as temperatures dip below freezing

Shelters are open as temperatures dip below freezing

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Temperatures Tuesday night will drop to the lowest they've been this early in the season since the 1970s.

Salvation Army officials prepared for an influx of people ahead of a cold snap for South Georgia, as temperatures are expected to hit well below the freezing mark.

The shelter opens at 7 p.m., and during this busy time of year, Major Kelly English wants everyone to know they can show up if they need somewhere warm to go.

"When we are at capacity we always know that there are more out there," he said.

The Salvation Army can house 47 people and have an overflow room to use if necessary that doubles capacity.

At times when the temperatures drop, donations are a big help. Officials say they can always use blankets, pillows, and coats.

Major English said they run though those items quickly at the shelter.

For those who have a place to get out of the cold, emergency officials remind you to still have an emergency kit in case the power goes out.

What he recommends:

"Something that you can use for up to 72 hours to keep you going until power is restored."

Experts remind everyone to have a emergency family plan as well.

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