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Bitter chill grips south Georgia

Garrett Robinson Garrett Robinson
Anita Gibson Anita Gibson

Bitter cold has finally made its way to southwest Georgia, temperatures are sitting close to freezing. We are expecting temperatures to drop from the lower thirties to the upper 20's.

One thing you can do to protect your home is take plastic and cover the inside of your windows, it decreases the amount of cold air that gets in. Some people have already stocked up on supplies from hardware stores to cover pipes and purchased extra space heaters.

This will affect many people but particularly those who either work outside late at night, early morning or people who wait at the bus stop. 

Albany residents say they will be dressed in warm clothes from head to toe. Garrett Robinson, an associate from DJ's car wash says he is definitely ready.

"What we try to do is dress real think and warm nice thick jackets. They supply us jackets and everything here, long pants, nice long long socks just try to keep warm out here," Robinson said.

Robinson says when you're dealing with freezing water all day your hands tend to get numb so having those layers helps tremendously. 

Bus riders are also prepared.

"The later in the day it gets , the later the buses are so you never really know what time to get out at the bus stop...make sure you're dressed layers," Anita Gibson said. 

Temperatures should ease up around the afternoon  however will still chilly enough for thick coats, hovering around the 40's.

Before leaving work this morning, give yourself some extra time to warm up the car, again, never leave it unattended.

Stay with WALB, we are going to keep an eye on this blast of cold weather. You can get updates throughout the day from our WALB weather app as well.

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