Cold weather could cause critter invasion

Cold weather could cause critter invasion

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Our frigid weather could lead some cold critters to invade your home.

Arrow Exterminators said roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, and bats are some of the wildlife that may turn to your house looking to find a warm spot.

Signs of a problem may include noises in your attic and droppings on baseboards.

It's important to seal cracks and holes that lead inside your home and don't leave food outside..

"They're not worried about getting in when it's nice outside just when it gets cold. If you have bird feeders that they can come and feed out of and if it's close to the house. If they jump on the house and find a little crevice or rotten spot that they can gnaw on and start getting in the house then they''ll do what they need to do where they can be warm and have shelter, plus they are right there near a food source," Ben Tallent, Arrow Service Center Manager.

If a bothersome critter invades your home it's best to call a professional to remove it.

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