GDOT releases results of VSU traffic safety study

GDOT releases results of VSU traffic safety study

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - As students use the sidewalk along Patterson Street to get to and from campus, some feel safe and some don't.

The 12 page traffic safety study, which looked at the Patterson Street corridor between Ann Street and Georgia Avenue, has 15 recommendations, both short and long term, aimed at changing that.

One of the things the study found was that some of the pedestrian crossings at some of the intersections along the corridor have outdated push button signals and stations. Along with that, the study found that the flashing pedestrian crossing signal at the intersection of Patterson Street and Jane Street is inadequate and that the visibility needs to improve."

"Definitely put more lights around campus to increase the traffic stoppage," said Justin Gardner, a junior at VSU.

But crossing lights and signals weren't the only type of lighting recommendation included in the study.

Another thing that the study found was that there need to be more street lighting and things like that along the sidewalks, especially at night, to help the cars see the students who may be trying to cross. "Definitely. The students crossing the street is definitely a big hazard here at Valdosta State," Gardner responded when asked if he thought that was something that needed to be done.

VSU Senior Rachel Crew also agreed that more lighting along the sidewalks would make students feel safer. "Really, it's just about lighting," Crew explained. "At night, these lights have a yellowish color and there are shadows everywhere. If you're drivin', you're unsure 'are there people around here?' If you're walking, you're unsure 'can somebody see me?'"

She also agreed with the recommendation about finding ways to potentially slow down traffic along Patterson Street. "Enforcing the speed limit would be good, maybe just some more stop signs and stop lights," said Crew.

The implementation of the recommendations will be the responsibility of either VSU, the city of Valdosta, GDOT's District 4 office of traffic operations, or a combination of the three depending on the recommendation.

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