Cameras catch burglary suspect in the act

Cameras catch burglary suspect in the act

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Cameras outside Sheila's Restaurant off Hwy 300 capture 19-year-old Jessica Hope Ellis using an unidentified object to break into the backdoor of the restaurant. Owner, Kevin Stokes, was at home when he received an alert from his ADT security system and saw the break in on his cell phone that was connected to his 8 camera system at the restaurant.

"When I looked down at my phone, I said ok, someone is in there, I see them. At the time I wasn't sure if it was a male or a female. I just knew it was somebody who wasn't supposed to be there," Kevin Stokes, Owner

Once inside, Ellis tries to open two cash registers and even goes through the restaurant's cooler. She's even seen holding a steak knife to her neck. Stokes says he isn't sure where the knife came from.

"When I seen on my camera on the way here, I seen whoever it was had a knife and I said well that's the last thing I need to get involved with. Let me just make sure they don't get out until law enforcement gets here," continued Stokes

Ellis also writes graffiti onto the kitchen wall. She then sees law enforcement headlights through the window and quickly hides under the kitchen sink. Crisp County and Worth County deputies enter the building with their guns drawn as they search through the restaurant looking for the burglar. They even walk pass the sink Ellis was under. Ellis eventually surrenders. Stokes is now encouraging other business owners to invest into security.

"You may think it's not important but when it comes to cases like this. Thankfully she was apprehended and no incident, but if they would've gotten away this would've helped identify her in that event."

Stokes says Ellis was also holding a box cutter knife when she surrendered to police. Law enforcers say Ellis is partially deaf.

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