Teachers prepare as school standards are revised

Teachers prepare as school standards are revised

State education officials continue to make changes and get input on new school standards. This as teachers, parents and students adjust and prepare in the classroom.

Teachers in Dougherty County have been making some changes in the classroom, especially math teachers.

"Much more writing. Writing has been included in homework a lot more. Students are writing daily, just to try to get that exposure, that additional exposure," said Wanda Hamilton, a 5th grade math teacher at Sherwood Acres Elementary.

As the new Georgia Milestones Assessment nears, teachers are making sure students are ready, come April. It will include open-ended questions to better gauge students' content mastery.

"If they don't let the reader know that they have mastered this standard, then they are not going to get credit. so one of the other components that we're pushing is the importance of writing, but not only in mathematics, but in every subject," explained Hamilton.

The new assessment system, which replaces the CRCT and EOCT, will be aligned to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

State education officials have been getting input from the public as they make revisions.

"We've encouraged our teachers in the district to provide input. And we will let them look at these revisions and encourage them to provide input again. Because really, the teachers, they're the ones that are doing the work within the classroom," said Sonia McKenzie, the DCSS secondary math content coordinator.

And Sherwood Acres Elementary is making sure parents are up to speed.

"Everybody is a little nervous, they're a little antsy because with change comes some challenges so they want to know they're on the right track. And we're providing everything that is needed to help their children succeed," said Deborah Bailey the Parent Teacher Facilitator at Sherwood Acres Elementary.

Some teachers say while the change will be a challenge, they'll be ready.

State officials are still receiving input until their January meeting. For more information about the revisions and standards, click on the link below.

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