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Mission Change Sleep Out

Ladonna Urick, Mission Change Executive Director. Ladonna Urick, Mission Change Executive Director.

Advocates for the homeless are about to spend the night outside in downtown Albany

This is the 7th annual Mission Change Sleep Out and the second time they have held it at Riverfront Park.

It is really drawing a lot of attention and people to downtown.

Organizers want people to walk away from here knowing all the resources they need to know in order to help people who may be homeless or hungry.

They always seem to choose the coldest night, but they have heaters, soup, coffee and hot chocolate so you can tell there are prepared for the freezing temperatures overnight.

"It's probably going to be a little colder than usual, but we have our sleeping bags and we have our tents and our boxes and we are just going to get out there and do this thing. Give our beds up for one night for people who sleep out every night," said Ladonna Urick, Mission Change Executive Director.

The event officially starts at 7PM Friday night. It will include entertainment and information about services to help the homeless.

If you can't make it to the event, you can still support Mission Change as they are changing the world from your backyard.

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