Willacoochee Mayoral candidate files lawsuit against board of elections

Willacoochee Mayoral candidate files lawsuit against board of elections
Crystal James Sermons, Hall's Attorney
Crystal James Sermons, Hall's Attorney
Samuel Newson, Mayor-Elect
Samuel Newson, Mayor-Elect

WILLACOOCHEE, GA (WALB) - A Willacoochee man who lost the mayor's race by one vote is suing the Atkinson County Board of Elections. He believes they made several errors that changed the outcome of the election.

Garry Hall lost last week's race by a single vote after losing a previous run for Mayor in Willacoochee by three votes. He says the numbers just don't add up.

Former Willacoochee Mayoral Candidate, Garry Hall sits with his attorney as they discuss errors they believe were made by the Atkinson County Board of Elections in the November 4th General Election.

"We need honesty in our government when we doing elections," said Garry Hall, Plaintiff.

Samuel Newson beat Garry Hall 198 to 197 after provisional votes were counted on Friday.

"So I said, immediately asked for a recount and get a list of the voters," said Crystal James Sermons, Hall's Attorney.

A recount Tuesday came up with the same results. Hall filed a petition to contest elections the next day.

"The lady told us, Mrs. Lorraine White said it would be seven provisional votes and three military," said Hall. "So when we did the count, she only counted the provisional votes, she never counted the military votes."

They also believe as many as 11 who voted last Tuesday should not have been eligible to cast a ballot and one vote may have been counted twice.

"Either they were not residents of the County or residents of the city or they were counted in the provisional and general election," said Sermons.

Hall's challenger and now Mayor-elect, Samuel Newson, says he isn't aware of any errors in the election.

"I just let the elections board do what they suppose to do, and I did what I suppose to do," said Samuel Newson, Mayor-elect. "I waited on the count patiently."

Newson says he's ready to lead the city.

"I'm here to serve, do the best that I can and whatever the outcome come, I'll be here," said Newson.

Hall is now waiting on a court date to present his evidence to a Superior Court Judge.

Under Georgia Law the Plaintiff must be able to show that irregularities in the election happened and played a role in the outcome. Atkinson County Board of Elections Supervisor, Lorraine White, says she hasn't been served any papers and has no comment at this time.

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