Albany apartment puts up barricade to keep out speeders, crime

Albany apartment puts up barricade to keep out speeders, crime

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Managers of a Northwest Albany apartment complex put a barricade because of concerns about crime and speeders.

They blocked off the back entrance to their complex to keep people who don't live there from driving through.

Westwind Apartments management said  people who don't live in their complex are using it as a shortcut, and they are going to stop them.

This is the barricade at the end of Gail Avenue, put up on Westwind Apartment's property, to stop speeders from using their home as a shortcut between Nottingham, Stuart Avenue, and Dawson Road.

Westwind Apartments Assistant Property Manager Autumn Manriquez said "We've got a lot of excess traffic and speeders who just cut through here.  And we're afraid one of our children is going to get hurt one day."

They already had up private property notices, watch for children signs, speed bumps, but the unwanted traffic continued.  They were also concerned that crime or gangs were also riding through.

Manriquez said "You never know what they are bringing into here. And we're trying to make it a safe, family oriented apartment complex."

While we were there shooting this story, some cars pulled up to the barricade, and then had to back up and turn around.  The residents have been notified.  Managers want to let the community know the barricade is up, and they are serious about keeping trespassers and speeders out.

Manriquez said "It is Westwind's property, so there will be repercussions.  So just leave the barricade up and just make it safe for everybody."

The complex also has private security officers on the property.

Managers say they have already had some drivers move their barricade to go around, and they warn they will call the police to stop the unwanted traffic.

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