Deputy in need of kidney donor finds match

Deputy in need of kidney donor finds match

Christmas has come a little early for a deputy who found a kidney donor. We first told you about Stewart Williamson's search for a kidney back in September. He credits that news story, social media and God for making his dreams come true.

After two years of searching, Lee County Deputy Stewart Williamson found a perfect match.

"It's hard to put into words. Somebody that's willing to give up an organ so that I can live. They know that their life is going to change," said Williamson. "He says that I'm his hero. Which is not the case, he's mine for sure."

Williamson is talking about Richard Brown, who reached out to him two months ago about being his donor after seeing WALB News 10's story in Atlanta.

"He basically said you're going to get my kidney. It wasn't like, you want it? It's going to happen. I told him my blood type, he said mine too, it's the same," explained Williamson.

After numerous tests, doctors approved the match for the two, who are actually acquaintances.

Brown, who now lives in Atlanta, worked for the Albany Police Department. "We had done some cases together and bumped into each other at Publix with his family. Never been very, very close, but now we will be. He's saving my life," said Williamson.

Williamson was born with one kidney, about four years ago that kidney started failing. The 29 year-old suffers from stage four chronic kidney disease.

"They said that in four years, you're going to be on dialysis. And if you stay on dialysis, you'll pass away at 47. I'm 29 now, so when they tell you that you just live every day to the fullest. You just hope and you pray that something's going to change. And in my case it did," said Williamson.

On December 19th, both Williamson and Brown will go under the knife.

"I'm an only child. I have a half-brother and a half-sister, but he's probably going to be closer than a brother now because he literally is keeping me alive."

And he thanks the community for all their support raising money and awareness.

"Keep the prayers coming. They're working," said Williamson.

Williamson will most likely be hospitalized for three days, then will several months to recover.

He's now focusing his efforts on helping his cousin, who's a deputy in Effingham County and also needs a kidney. "Now I'm going to be working to get him a kidney. And these people I'm following on Facebook, I'm going to do by best to get them one. It worked for me, social media has helped, the actual media has helped," explained Williamson.

For information about how to help Stewart Williamson, his cousin, or how to become a donor, click on one of the links below.

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