Tifton armed robbery victim speaks out

Tifton armed robbery victim speaks out

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A Tifton man is thanking police for arresting a man accused of robbing him this week.

Alfonso Torres drives trucks for a living and was on a break when he was robbed behind a grocery store right after a woman warned him there was a robber in the area.

"If somebody put the pistol on your head or your face, you're going to get scared," said Alfonso Torres, Victim.

That's how Alfonso Torres says he felt Monday night when a man approached him behind the Harvey's Supermarket on Central Avenue holding him at gunpoint and demanding money. Torres says he had just come out of the store and was walking back to his truck when he was robbed.

"I was walking and I turned around and he pointed the gun in my face and he say give me the stuff," said Torres. "I said ok man. I handed him my wallet. He pulled out the cash, throwed my wallet and he ran."

The robber got away with $250. Torres says he was warned minutes before that he could possibly become a robbery victim.

Torres says he was approached by an intoxicated woman behind the Harvey's Supermarket that there was a robber in the area.

"She told me this guy there has a gun, I think he's going to try to rob somebody, but she was intoxicated so I didn't pay no mind," said Torres.

Tifton Police arrested 21-year-old Deyonta Parks last night at his Mother's home on East 13th Street.

"They saw him on the porch when he saw them he went back inside and they were able to arrest him without further incident inside the home," said Lt. Lee Dunston, Tifton Police Department.

Police have not recovered the stolen cash or the handgun and say they haven't received any other reports of robberies in the area that night. Torres encourages others to contact police if they are victims of any crimes.

"We need to do our part, we need to call in, we need to report," said Torres. "Because we have to give those guys a chance, they will do their job."

Parks is charged with armed robbery and remains in the Tift County Jail. Tifton police say this is an ongoing investigation and are still interviewing witnesses in the area.

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