Burglar steals $1,500 worth of phones from Albany store

Burglar steals $1,500 worth of phones from Albany store

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany business owner, who thought he did everything right to protect his business from burglars, is out $1,500 in merchandise.

Well it's easy to understand why Salem Okasha thought his business was safe. He has bars on door, bars on his windows, but he left a tiny window above the door open.

A burglar knocked out the front window before climbing in and falling down on the other side. He smashed the display window and quickly grabbed a dozen smart phones off the top shelf.

"Then he took some of the phones on the bottom. Threw them in his bag and ran outside again," said store owner Salem Okasha.

There are bars on the windows and door, but Okasha didn't take his cousin's advice to bar up the top window.

"That's what makes me more frustrated is that someone told me to close it, but I didn't do it," said Okasha.

The burglar seemed to know exactly where he was going, smashing the glass, and then stuffing his bag. The man turned to run out, but turned around to get his crow bar before leaving.

"I mean he didn't even look around when he came in he didn't even look around. He went straight there, broke that glass, and went back out," said Okasha.

Okasha estimates that the man stole around $1,500 dollars in phones Monday night.

"He might need some money, and need to support himself, but that shouldn't make him go out and break other people's places and steal," said Okasha.

Okasha thought cameras, an alarm, and bars would prevent this from happening.

"I don't know what else we should put," said Okasha.

Less than 3 minutes after he got in, the burglar left through that same window. Okasha hopes putting bars over it will make his place 100% secure.

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