Albany "Think Local" campaign to kick off in 2015

Albany "Think Local" campaign to kick off in 2015

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Chamber of Commerce is working on a campaign to get residents to support the city's economy.

The "Think Local" campaign is expected to kick off in early 2015. Chamber members say it's about encouraging people to supply their needs at the organizations and businesses in the city.

They say the more money that's put back into the economy, the more the city will improve.

"When you think local, you're thinking about everything. Supporting local non-profits, supporting local businesses, you know it's not just about shopping local," said Chris Hardy, Chamber President and CEO. "It's about all the businesses that we have here within our county limits and in Southwest Georgia."

So far, over 70 businesses have joined the "Think Local" Campaign. The deadline to join the promotional group is November 24th.

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