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South Georgia astronomer reacts to spacecraft landing

(Source: NBC) (Source: NBC)
Jeff Friese Jeff Friese

Science enthusiasts are reacting to the spacecraft landing today.

After a 10 year mission, the spacecraft Philae made a landing on a comet this afternoon.

The spacecraft took a six year orbit around the sun before today's landing on the comet. Astronomers said this is a historic landing that can help us understand more about the earth.

"Comets are the original building blocks of the solar system. So everything that was in the comet was eventually deposited on the earth. So we want to know what those chemicals are and how it originally got started. So if we know all that we can build our models better of how the earth was formed, how the water got here and how life got started,” said Jim Friese, Staff Astronomer, Thronateeska Heritage Center.

Friese says it was a 7 hour journey to get to the surface of the comet. Pictures could be available as early as tomorrow to see if the probe is in a stable position.

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