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Speedbusters: checking for speeders in an East Albany neighborhood


Every morning John Vinson comes to Grove Park to take a walk.

"I really enjoy the atmosphere early in the morning," says Albany resident John Vinson.

And he's seen speeders first hand come through fast.

"25 or 50 different times," says Vinson.

And he's not the only one.

"When they come through, they come through," said neighborhood resident George Lowe.

After a lot of complaints, two new stop signs will be installed at the intersection of Rosebrier and Webster, making it a 4-way stop.

"Well I consider it a blessing because it will probably save somebody's kid from getting run over by someone who's not paying attention," says Vinson.

Commissioner Jon Howard has been working with residents since this summer.

"When individuals don't stop at the stop sign, it's just making it dangerous for them and the safety and the welfare of the community," said Howard.

WALB caught two drivers speeding in the area where speed limit signs are posted for 30 miles per hour.

Commissioner Howard said the stop signs will be installed before the end of the year.

"The stop sign should be up before the Christmas holiday," he said.

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