Cell phone thefts put three in jail

Cell phone thefts put three in jail

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Three people are in the Colquitt County jail, as police work to identify a fourth person, accused of stealing cell phones from a Moultrie store.

Police say on Sunday November 9th, 18-year-old Keshon Jones and another man walked into Hoot wireless, and cameras captured them reaching over the counter, stealing cell phones. Jones made off with four. The other thief took one.Authorities say on Monday November 11th, Jones returned to the store with his brother, 17-year-old Kwintard Jones and 21-year-old Lorenzo Wilson.

Moultrie Police believe Jones moved a sign on the display case, looks around several times, then reaches behind the counter stealing cell phones.

"They've been acting as customers for a while, I guess trying to see what's good, what's not good, how much everything is," said employee Adri Andrade.

Before the two leave, the man who's with Jones, in the yellow shirt also steals a phone.

"I was shivering. I was really panicked, like oh my god, what am I going to do? First thing I did was call the cops," said Andrade.

Andrade called police back to the store Tuesday after Jones came back, this time with his brother, 17 year-old Kwintard Jones and 21 year-old Lorenzo Wilson.

"Told them that one of the individuals from the previous incident was still inside the store. And two other individuals had left the scene on foot," said Moultrie Police Cpl. William Baillargeon.

This time all three suspects were arrested. A total of 11 phones were taken from the store; so far two have been recovered.

Employees at Hoot Wireless are thankful for their surveillance video. "Hopefully they learn their lesson, because it's not good to steal. He's over here working, we're working and everything making money, so some kids could come in here and steal from us? No."

And Andrade says they plan on adding more cameras.

All three suspects are in the Colquitt County jail facing felony shoplifting charges.

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