Cat problems for Doughtery County woman

Cat problems for Doughtery County woman

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A stray wild cat causes several problems for a woman in Dougherty County.

Dougherty County Animal Control says they get several calls about stray cats but they don't require them to be confined. One homeowner said a stray cat almost ran her out of her home.

Marie Wilkerson says she normally doesn't have problems with stray cats in her Wilder Street yard of 20 years, but last weekend was different.

"This has never happened," said Marie Wilkerson.

Wilkerson says she left the front door open as she was bringing bags inside . She says a cat came in behind her.

"I never seen that cat before. I was trying to get it out of my house and it jumped up on the stove and I grabbed him and that was a big mistake,"

Wilkerson says the cat bit her on her hand and arm. She went to the hospital to receive tetanus and rabies shots.

"It looks good now. It swelled up twice this size. But I had a two hour antibiotic drip," continued Wilkerson.

Wilkerson did the right thing by seeking treatment. According to Dougherty County Animal Control if someone is bitten by a stray they should get medical attention and report the injury. Wilkerson says she sometimes feeds cats she sees in her yard.

"They're just stray cats and I feed them and I feed them over there. I don't mind stray cats being around but not a wild cat,"

Dougherty County Animal Control says putting out food for stray cats can cause problems such as causing more to come around. They also says the feeder is responsible for the cat and it well being. Wilkerson says the stray caused a disruption inside her home and the cat stayed inside all night.

"That's the reason the police had to come out here. Two of them had to come Saturday night to get the cat out. I was so ticked to death, the cat was in the sink and wouldn't move"

The cat was never caught. Wilkerson says she hasn't seen the cat again.

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