Thomasville veteran remembered as a hero

Thomasville veteran remembered as a hero
Kristen Chihuahua
Kristen Chihuahua
Shannon Chihuahua
Shannon Chihuahua

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Veterans Day observance for school children in Thomas County was a somber one as students remembered a U.S. Army medic who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

The community came together to honor him.

Four-year-old Annabelle Chihuahua was beaming as she walked in her school's Veterans Day parade Tuesday morning.

She showed just how proud she was of her heroic father.  

Annabelle's mother Kristen Chihuahua said, "Veterans Day was the last time I actually spoke with him. He sent me a message on Facebook telling me that they were going to go out on a mission." 

That was the last time Kristen heard from her 25-year-old husband Shannon.

He served as a Combat Medic in Afghanistan and was a true hero, losing his own life to save his sergeant's from a gunshot wound.

He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal in February.

Kristen said, "He didn't have it in him to watch somebody hurt and not help him.  And that's what happened to him because he fulfilled his instincts and what he was as a person and went and saved someone."

Thomas County Central High School partnered with Hand-in-Hand Primary school Tuesday morning to honor and remember veterans who called Thomasville their home.

After the parade, the high school dedicated a plaque in memory of Shannon.

TCCHS Principal Trista Jones said, "When we sent Shannon off, we never thought that he wouldn't be coming home.  And these kids need to realize that these are people you know. These are your neighbors, these are your friends, these are the students who walk through the hallways." 

Kristen said she can already tell her daughter has inherited her late husband's bravery. 

Kristen said, "It's very hard for a four year old to stand in front of her class and say 'I have to deal with the fact that my daddy is in heaven.  I won't have a daddy.'"

Kristen said she chose this particular picture to be displayed in the school because it symbolized how Shannon continues to watch over his family.

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