911 caller asks for dispatcher's number, gets arrested

911 caller asks for dispatcher's number, gets arrested

SUMNER, GA (WALB) - A man is in jail after he was arrested for making inappropriate comments to a 911 Dispatcher. And, as you might expect, they recorded the whole conversation.

Authorities said Kevin Morris called the Worth County 911 center in the early morning hours of October 24 to give information about a person he said was wanted in Worth County.

"I've got important information about another person," Morris said.

However, Morris wanted to make a deal for something in return before giving the location of the wanted person.

"I mean, well, I mean I'm looking for a deal," Morris said in the call.

But the dispatcher was not amused.

"Okay sir, well we're not allowed to make deals. This is a 911 center."

As soon as the dispatcher turned down the deal, Morris requested a deputy from the Worth County Sheriff's office to come to his home.

"Can you contact her and get her to come to my house?" he asked.

When the dispatcher asked for Morris' address to send a deputy, that's when he made several sexual comments to the dispatcher.

"Well you know you sound sexy as hell..." Morris started.

"Sir, you don't talk to me about being sexy," the dispatcher quickly replied. "All you need to do is give me the information. What is your phone number?"

Morris apparently liked the idea of swapping digits, and asked, "What's your phone number?"

Deputies were then called to the 911 center and suspected Morris was likely intoxicated because of his slurred speech.

After hearing the inappropriate conversation, they responded to his home near Sumner, GA on Sherrod Road to arrest him.

While they were there, they found cocaine and marijuana inside of Morris' home.

"Calls like that.. distract the operator and hold up lines [that are] important for other emergency calls to come in," said Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

Morris was arrested for unlawful conduct during a 911 call and drug charges. Morris was then taken to the Worth County Jail.

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