Suspects wanted in Colquitt Co. mower thefts

Suspects wanted in Colquitt Co. mower thefts

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - Thieves are caught on camera, driving commercial mowers off a Moultrie business's property. Now investigators have named two suspects.

Surveillance cameras capture two Uhaul trucks driving on Sylvester Highway, turning next to DeMott Tractor company in Moultrie.

About 20 minutes later, around 7:48 pm on October 25th, you can see two mowers being driven off the property and through a parking lot. Seconds after the thieves drive off the property, a car passes the business.

"Video surveillance did assist us greatly in this. Of course the records on the rental of the vehicles were utilized also," said Lt. Shawn Bostick with the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators believe the thieves parked at least two rental trucks down the street, then cut the fence and stole nine Exmark Zero Turn mowers, totaling more than $80,000.

"We're optimistic that we will recover some of these. We do have the serial numbers entered in the national database," said Lt. Bostick.

Warrants have been issued for 36 year-old Dwight Alexander and 38 year-old James Hogan, both from Dekalb County. And authorities believe other people are involved.

"At this point we're just hoping that they'll be able to track down those two suspects and hopefully get them to turn on some of their other guys that were involved," said Scotty DeMott Jr., with DeMott Tractor Company.

The entire operation took the suspects about an hour.

"We're suspicious that these individuals may be involved in more than just the theft here in Colquitt County. Based on their operating procedure, we believe they may have multiple keys," said Lt. Bostick.

So far, none of the mowers have been recovered, and investigators believe the thieves hauled the mowers back to the Dekalb County area.

The two suspects are charged with nine counts of theft by taking.

Colquitt County investigators are working closely with the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office to track these suspects down.

The case remains under investigation.

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