Assisted living facility could be transformed into apartments

Assisted living facility could be transformed into apartments

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Could downtown living in Albany become a reality?

A group of investors is planning to stir up some interest and make it happen. One of the proposed sites is Albany Heights.

The former Albany Heights assisted living facility could get a make-over if investor Anthony King has his way.

"Two bedrooms two baths, one bedroom one bath luxury apartment homes," said Anthony King.

King has been working on a plan for almost two years to bring downtown living to Albany.

"It's a proven formula, anytime you have an area you want to revitalize, the first thing you need to focus on is getting people to live there," said King.

These are several floor plans on what the apartments could look like in the near future. He plans present his idea, vision, floor plans and budget to the Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority board Wednesday. King says the main challenge is finding more investor for the project.

"The whole project is going to cost 4 million dollars. Some of it will come from state and historic tax credit, some of it will come from local investment, but a majority of it will be private investment," said King.

Downtown business such as Icons Bar and Grill says downtown living is good for the whole city.

"We're probably the only city that doesn't have residential living downtown. it seems to be working for other cities such as Columbus, Savannah and Thomasville," said Torry Williams, Icons Bar and Grill.

The proposed luxury apartments can possibly attract new businesses.

"By having our estimation at 50 people living in this building, within a three block radius of most of the downtown businesses, they can turn from struggling into hopefully thriving,"

King says support from city leaders and potential residents can also make this project a success.

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