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Valdosta restaurant okay with new downtown alcohol rule

Sue Cox Sue Cox

As employees at 306 North in Valdosta busied themselves inside the restaurant Monday afternoon, they did so knowing they now have to make sure that at least 50 percent of the sales they make have to come from food and not just alcohol.

Sue Cox, the restaurant's owner, said that won't be a problem. "It's certainly easier to make money in the alcohol business than in food. It's just that, with us, we've always sold a lot more food than we have alcohol," Cox pointed out. 

She said the new 50 percent rule that was approved at the city council meeting on November 6th is actually pretty reasonable. "Most places do have a requirement already in place and this may just be the first time we've ever had one," said Cox. "A lot of places, it's seventy percent food."

Regardless of whether it's 50 percent or 70 percent in Valdosta, she said her restaurants, 306 North and Covingtons, will accept it. "We complied. In any way, shape, or form they want to hand it to us, we'll comply...we just trust our city council and the mayor to do the best thing. I'm sure their reasons are good ones," Cox said.

Time will tell if the 50 percent rule was a good decision or not, but Sue Cox certainly doesn't expect it to hurt her business.

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