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9 year-old gives up birthday to feed homeless

Sherry Rhoden Sherry Rhoden
Bryce Kling Bryce Kling
Ronnie Mathis Ronnie Mathis

The items that nine year-old Bryce Kling took out of a grocery bag were just a small sample of what he and his parents bought to hand out to the homeless on Saturday. 

Something Bryce has been planning to do since his birthday party last year.

"A week or so later, he overheard my husband and I talkin' about how much it cost. He was surprised, and thought about 'well, how much food could that buy? What else could that money do?',"explained Bryce's mother, Sherry Rhoden.

Bryce decided that for his birthday this year he wanted his parents to use the money they were going to spend on a party to buy things like food, blankets, and hand sanitizer for the homeless. "I know there was homeless people out there with no food, no home, no bathroom," said Bryce. "Most thing I'm lookin' forward to is actually helpin' all the homeless people and seeing all the other people helping these people."

Dr. Ronnie Mathis is a pastor in Valdosta and coordinates the Have a Heart for the Homeless event each year, which collects clothing for homeless South Georgians. Dr. Mathis and his team will be handing out the clothing on Saturday.He said Bryce's kindness strengthens his religious faith. "[It] helps me understand that God's word is true. In Isaiah and Matthew, he talks about how children are the greatest. Even in Isaiah, he speaks about a little child shall lead them," said Dr. Mathis.

Bryce, too, stressed his religious faith, writing "God Bless You" on the bags that they'll be handing out. 

He also wrote a note to the homeless. "I'm turning nine and on my birthday weekend, instead of having a normal birthday and eating ice cream and cake, I'm going to donate that money," said Bryce, as he read part of his note aloud. 

An act of kindness that will fill hearts as well as stomachs.

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