New Albany fire station will have ladies in mind

New Albany fire station will have ladies in mind

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Fire Department is having to move out of another fire station, because it has serious structural problems.  The city is preparing to build a new station about a block away.

Fire station 7, built in 1975, was designed for a men-only fire department.  Things have changed, and the new fire station will be ready for the ladies.

Pamela Fletcher has been an Albany Firefighter for 14 years, and explains after fighting a blaze a shower is needed.

Fletcher said "24 hours out of the day per shift, this is our home. So of course we have to take showers. Especially if we have multiple fires."

But many of the older style fire stations were built when there were only fire men.

Albany Fire Chief James Carswell said "Everything for the most part resembled a football locker room.  It was that kind oenvironmentnt.  You didn't think about the other gender."

Station 7 is having to be replaced.  Take a look at the walls and you can see the structural issues causing cracks and splits throughout the walls inside and out.  It's one big open shower, bathroom, and bed room will no longer do.

Today there are six female firefighters, and the new stations will change to make them at home. Like Station Three, which haseparatete male and female bath and shower rooms. And each firefighter has his owseparatete bed room. Improvements to attract the best firefighters....male and female.

Carswell said "Oh yea. Most definitely.  We're an open employer.  If you can do the job, we're interested in hiring you."

Pam says these betteaccommodationsns will definitely make more women want to join them.

Fletcher said "Having their own sleeping quarter and own restroom. Without being fearful of someone just stepping in, walking in on them."

Fire stations keeping up with the times.

The new fire station is expected to cost about $800,00 and will be built at the corner of Leonard and Elsom Street.

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