Firefighters recommend fire suppressors to protect against cooking fires

Firefighters recommend fire suppressors to protect against cooking fires

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Firefighters want you to take a look at new technology that can help prevent cooking fires, the number one cause of fires in our area.

Firefighters believe fire suppressors could cut the number of kitchen fires and save lives.

The number of cooking fires usually increases during the upcoming holidays.  That's one reason firefighters hope you'll consider installing a fire suppressor in your kitchen.Watch this demonstration by Albany Firefighters.  They start a grease fire, and within seconds a fire suppressor under the stove vent goes off, putting out the blaze almost instantly.

This is what the cook stop fire suppressor looks like,  They come in pairs and use a magnet to attach above the stove eyes.  They have what amounts to a fuse on top, and when flames heat it to 300 degrees, it pops, dumping baking soda on the stove.

Albany Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Sebon Burns said "I'm recommending them to everyone.  Home owners, renters, business owners.  The system itself is inexpensive.  Less than $50."

Southwest Georgia's American Red Cross helps house fire victim families in need...and has to help more kitchen fire victims than any other area in the state.

Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross Executive Director Lara Gill said "They are very prevalent.  We see a ton of them every year. So we would like to stop those fires before they happen."

Firefighters recommend people get  these suppressors  before the holidays.

Burns said "This is the perfect time. You know you do a lot of cooking during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Just the fact that it's another safety procedure that you can have in your home."

Following a kitchen fire that caused the evacuation of the Hudson Malone Towers, the Albany Housing Authority installed more than one thousand in their kitchens....and say they work.

Albany Housing Authority Executive Director Dan McCarthy said "Just a couple of weeks ago we had a couple where there was a little grease fire in the kitchen.  And the Firestop Suppressant put out the fire. So all we had was minor smoke damage, instead of a bad event."

Firefighters recommend you take a look at these fire suppressors, and consider installing a set.>

You can buy the fire suppressors at Paul Golden Fire Extinguishers on Byron Road or Safety Max on West Roosevelt.  They're about $40  a pair.    Copyright 2014 WALB.  All rights reserved.