Police: Crime most likely to happen mid-week

Police: Crime most likely to happen mid-week

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - When it comes to crime, when are they most likely to occur?

Crisp County law enforcement say they are often busier in the middle of the week.

Cordele Police and Crisp County Sheriff's Office say petty thefts, burglaries, and drug sales tend to happen more mid-week, as crooks 'work' to get money to spend on the weekend.

Officials say they make sure to boost patrols starting Wednesdays throughout the weekends.

"We know those are hot times, and you know that's when we will really flood the area with extra officers working overtime doing street sweeps," said Cordele Police Chief William Hooper.

"We're bringing in extra units so we can continue to cover the county and the rural area, said Crisp Co. Sheriff Billy Hancock, "but we're also helping him by bringing in some [deputies] that are designated into the zone areas of the city limits."

Sheriff Hancock said they are starting to use two deputies per car to help the city with more manpower on the streets.

They said they will continue the extra patrol as it gets closer to the holidays.

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