Special Report: Think Fast! Attacker

Special Report: Think Fast! Attacker

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Pennsylvania woman is safe after a violent kidnapping that was caught on tape.

It's something every woman fears, but if you were suddenly grabbed on the street by an attacker - would you know what to do?

Carlesha Gaither didn't have that opportunity. She was snatched while standing on a Philadelphia sidewalk. Her kidnapper grabbing her from behind and forced her into a car.

Your ability to think fast in this situation could be a matter of life or death.

"Always have a cell phone so you can call someone," said ASU Police Lt. Marcus Guess. "you want to make noise. You want to sound this person has you in their grasp."

When screaming doesn't scare off your attacker, defend yourself.

"From the rear the strike that would be most effective would be a knee strike from the front, where the person would find the leg and kick the knee, hyperextending the knee," said Guess.

"You can develop a swift blow to the sternum, you might can incapacitate them leaving the out of breath."

Guess teaches women in self-defense classes to go for the sensory organs or the mid sections if possible. Even quick blows can be efficient.

"The eyes, nose, ears, throat - no matter how big a person is - they cannot be conditioned. Any strike to those areas will definitely cause damage."

And precious moments to get away; But the first step is always being aware of your surroundings.

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