Lee county judge speaks out about son's deployment to West Africa

Lee county judge speaks out about son's deployment to West Africa

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - A Lee County judge's son, who serves in the U.S. Army, is headed to West Africa to help in the fight against Ebola.

Judge Thurman gets a little emotional when he talks about his son's deployment to West Africa.

"We as American citizens sometimes forget that we owe our freedom to these brave young people," says Judge Jim Thurman.

His son, 28-year-old Josh Thurman, is going on his second deployment, and as any parent would be, Thurman is concerned.

"Daddy could get the car and drive to Fort Campbell Kentucky. Daddy can't drive to Africa," says Thurman.

Thurman says he's glad the U.S. helped out the humanitarian workers who were serving in West Africa, but says there's still a lot of confusion about the virus.

"I don't believe that we are really educated enough to understand it other than its a dreaded disease that's certainly been fatal for a large number of people," says Thurman.

This comes as hundreds of pieces of military equipment are being sent the West Africa to help, everything from Humvee's to dump trucks and fork lifts.

And while he son has concerns, he says he was in good spirits when he left.

"He was upbeat and said he would talk to me when he got home."

He's not sure how long he'll be in West Africa, but says he'll be praying for him in the meantime.

"Instead of praying for him three or four times a day, I'm gonna pray for him 10 or 12 times," he says

Thurman says he'll be in West Africa for at least 187 days.

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